About Us

We know how exciting planning your wedding can be from inviting the guests, deliberating over the first dance, choosing the honeymoon – and thinking about the gift list. The B&Q Gift List invites your guests to give you a gift that really means something – the chance to help you create your perfect married home for your life together.
With the B&Q Gift List your friends and family have the chance to give you the gift of choice to help celebrate your special event. It's the perfect choice for a wedding, birthday, new house fund, or any DIY project. If you're using the Gift List for a wedding, there is an increasing demand for something different to the traditional gift list and here at B&Q we have provided just that. More and more couples are already living together before they get married and have already filled their home with the usual gifts you would expect on a wedding gift list. So we have created a site which will give you the ability to really invest in your home together by presenting your donations in the form of a gift card so you have the flexibility to choose exactly how it is spent.
At B&Q we are committed to making it easier for you so once you receive your gift card, you will have the choice of more than 40,000 great-value products all under one roof. B&Q strive to offer everything you need to successfully achieve your home improvement and DIY projects as we are the leading home improvement and garden centre retailer in Europe and have 350 stores in the UK. The B&Q gift card is the ideal present for people who love decorating their homes and spending time in their garden. Our Gift List will offer you the flexibility to buy what you really want and is the perfect gift to help you begin a new chapter in your life.
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