Gift List Explained

Welcome to the B&Q Gift List, a free gift list featuring the B&Q Gift Card

Unlike some other gift lists, the B&Q Gift List has no commission charges and no hidden fees or tie-ins (such as minimum usage charges or early exit fees).

Your personalised homepage is free to register, set-up, customise and use and when you close your list, we can deliver your B&Q Gift Card within two working days. If required, we can supply free stationery to hand out to your guests.


The basics:

- Setting up your B&Q Gift List is a simple and fast.

- Once registered you can customise your homepage - add photos (choose from our image library or load your own images) and a personal greeting to your guests.

Create your perfect married home

- After you have registered we will also send you a welcome gift box including free gift list invitation inserts to send the Event ID to your guests. You can also opt to notify guests about your gift list by Facebook or by email.

- Guests can contribute to your B&Q Gift List via the web or telephone. You can choose to get email notifications every time a new pledge is made.

- Check the balance of your B&Q Gift List at any time and view your messages.

- When you are ready to close your gift list, inform us online or by telephone and we'll be in touch to arrange delivery.

- Your B&Q Gift Card will be sent, free of charge, using Special Delivery within two working days and you can go straight to your local B&Q store to start spending.

That's the basics. For more information please view our FAQs section or if you'd prefer, send us an email and we will try our hardest to answer any question you may have.